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NewsMerge 2.0 Final Release (2.0.467)

Erftstadt, 2002-05-31.

Adiscon GmbH today announced the availability of NewsMerge 2.0 Final Release.  

The "Release Candidate" phase has shown us that the 2.0 Version of NewsMerge is very stable and powerful. With the release of NewsMerge 2.0, we have changed the licensing. There are now two different version, the Home Version and the professional version. Please click here if you want to know the differences.

The final release has some minor bugfixes and some enhances. Here is a list which shortly describes what has changed between the 2.0 RC 1 and 2.0 Final release:

  • Updated HTML manual. It contains and describes all new features from NewsMerge 2.0.

  • Added Stringlist into the Issue Edit View. You missed the field list in Version 2.0 RC1? It has been merged into the Issue Edit View which makes it easier to drag and drop it into the issue.

  • Removed issue size limit of 65 KB. This was unfortunately a bug in the RC 1 release which has been removed. 

  • Restart Option, if you change the database options, NewsMerge can automatically restart with the new settings.

  • Resume Publishing. If the publish fails, you can resume from the next position. for example, if the publish fails at subscriber 23, you can resume at 24. 

Here is the list of new features and bugfixes which were available in the NewsMerge 2.0 Release Candidate 1. 

  • Powerful HTML Design Editor added. This new Editor helps you to easily create HTML based Newsletters without the knowledge of HTML or third party tools. It also replaces the old editor known from NewsMerge 1.x.  

  • Remove Invalid recipients, NewsMerge can now analyze the most common postmaster error messages and can now remove invalid recipients.

  • Forward unhandled Emails. If NewsMerge cannot process an email message, it can now forward it to an specified recipient.  

  • Use SMTP Authentication. Has been added because most ISP's require SMTP Authentication (For good reasons).

  • NewsMerge settings saved per User. That means that two different users can have different profiles, or work with different databases.

  • Importing CSV Files. If you have an Excel list with Email addresses and you want to import them, you will like this feature.

  • Choose the database, NewsMerge can now work with a database located on a network share. 

  • Support for MS SQL Server. Attention, please contact Adiscon Support before using this new powerful feature!

  • Improved Speed of the Subscriber listening in the Manage View of the Subscriptions (Was very slow when 5000 or more subscribers are in the database)

  • Manual in HTML-Help format. You don't need third party application to view the manual anymore.

  • Added Counter into the Subscribers Manage View (So you see how much subscribers are in the current Newsletter)

  • Changed the basic license concept of NewsMerge. NewsMerge has no a 30 days trial period where all features are enabled. After this period, it turns into the Freeversion which has some limitations. NewsMerge can now licensed in two ways, there is a "Home Edition" and a "Professional" Version. The "Home Edition" has all features instead of the possibility to use MS SQL Server (Which of course is only available in the 30 Trial period and in the Professional Version). Please contact for further questions. If you are Upgrade Insurance customer, also contact to get a new license key.

  • Fixed bug with Email Subscription messages that where send over AOL (AOL Email Application)

Here is the list of new features and bugfixes which were available in the NewsMerge Rolling beta releases. 

  • Import existing Email Addresses either from MS Outlook or from MS Outlook Express. Because this is experimental new  feature, we highly recommend any feedback about problems.

  • Added Detail view into Mail check Window which catches all important messages. This is very helpful to view what is going on during the whole mail check process.

  • Added Detail view into the Publish Issues Window which catches all important messages during publishing.

  • NewsMerge Notification Icon can now be enabled or disabled during runtime. For those users you don't like to much notification icons in their taskbar ;-).

  • The database can now be compressed over the menu entry "Maintenance->Compress Database" during runtime.

  • Added Detail View into the Eventlog Window. This makes it very helpful to see the whole event messages and to copy them into the Clipboard.

  • The state of the "Ignore Error's" option in the Publishing Window i snow be saved. So you don't need to click it every time again and again.

  • Fixed a bug when the Installer did not write necessary registry values for the database location.

  • Minor bug fixes...  

NewsMerge 2.0 Final Release is a free download found at Adiscon's web site. To update a previous version of NewsMerge, download the 2.0 Final version from the web and install it. NewsMerge will convert your database to the new format automatically.

Feedback is also gladly accepted via our usual support email at

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