Adiscon IT-Solutions GmbH Download Problems?


We are working very hard to provide the best possible customer experience.


Unfortunately, some customers experience problems downloading our products. This guide hopefully helps isolate any trouble. You can also notify us via email and we will happily send the download set via mail. In this case, please be sure to tell us the product you are interested in!

There are a number of trouble causes beyond our control. First of all, remember that you are downloading software, which means executable files. We offer mainly ZIP and  EXE files (self extracting archives). Some HTTP Virus scanner products do download the complete file to a local directory, scan it and only then forward it to the web browser. Depending on the download size and the available bandwidth between your site and our download server, the initial download to the virus scanner might take too long and the browser will time out. Besides that, some system administrators have completely blocked downloads of executable files. If this is the case, we can not deliver via our usual download channel. If you can successfully download from other sites, this restriction most probably can not be in place (although an administrator might not block certain well-known sites). We recommend checking with your system administrator if you suspect complete blocking.

All of our downloads are done via the standard HTTP protocol. So Firewalls should not cause any problems.

A problem can also be caused by not filling in the download form. Especially missing out the email address will most probably cause our redirector to "die" in between. The form itself has some validation Java Scripts. However, we have not yet created logic to re-validate at the server side (most time is going into the exciting new product releases ;-). You might wonder why we request at least the email address. We will not abuse your address, but would like to have it on record in case an issue with the downloaded software arises.

We are housing our software distribution site at an Internet data center in Germany. This site is very well connected. However, we have noticed that some customers - especially from Asia - have slow response times. We have also confirmed that some downloads abort due to very high download volume on our new software releases. If that happens with your download, please accept our sincere apologies. We are currently setting up an US mirror site, but it is not yet fully operational. However, some install sets are already listed on the mirror. So it is a good idea to check if the US mirror is already listed in the download set selection box. If not, we appreciate your patience by re-trying the download.

And once again: if you need assistance, feel free to contact us at any time!