Interested in Adiscon products? This page is an overview over all products and their respective prices. The table below lists the license fee for a single license of the respective product. See further below for volume discounts.

SKU Product Name Price US$ Price EURO
ActiveLogger ActiveLogger $19.00 €25.00 Order Now!  
AdisconLogger Adiscon Logger $199.00 €239.00 Order Now!  
EventReporter-Pro EventReporter Professional $69.00 €79.00 Order Now!  
EventReporter4 EventReporter Basic $59.00 €65.00 Order Now!  
IISlogger IISlogger $199.00 €229.00 Order Now!  
MoniLog MoniLog $99.00 €139.00 Order Now!  
MWAgent MonitorWare Agent Basic Server $129.00 €169.00 Order Now!  
  MonitorWare Agent Basic Workstation $59.00 €79.00 Order Now!  
MWAgent-Enter MonitorWare Agent Enterprise Server $599.00 €599.00 Order Now!  
  MonitorWare Agent Enterprise Workstation $529.00 €529.00 Order Now!  
MWAgent-Pro MonitorWare Agent Professional Server $199.00 €199.00 Order Now!  
  MonitorWare Agent Professional Workstation $129.00 €129.00 Order Now!  
MWConsole_base MWConsole Base System $40.00 €46.40 Order Now!  
MWConsole_device MWConsole Device $10.00 €11.60 Order Now!  
MWConsole_kb MWConsole KB $10.00 €11.60 Order Now!  
MWConsole_networktools MWConsole Networktools $20.00 €23.20 Order Now!  
MWConsole_pixreports MWConsole Pix-Reports $60.00 €69.60 Order Now!  
MWConsole_views MWConsole Views $40.00 €46.40 Order Now!  
MWConsole_windowsreports MWConsole Windows-Reports $60.00 €69.60 Order Now!  
WinSyslog WinSyslog Basic $79.00 €70.21 Order Now!  
WinSyslog-Enter WinSyslog Enterprise $699.00 €579.00 Order Now!  
WinSyslog-Pro WinSyslog Professional $129.00 €119.00 Order Now!  

Please note: All orders are processed in US Dollars. An exception is when the purchaser is within the European Community. In this case they are processed based on the Euro price above. The Euro price includes 16% German VAT which can be waived if the purchaser specifies his VAT ID number. Allmost all European companies and organizations have a VAT ID number.

Our maintenance plan - UpgradeInsurance - is available for a 20% annual fee based on the purchase price. It offers unlimited free updates as well as priority support. Click here for details.

Upgrades from previous versions are available for non-UpgradeInsurance customers. The upgrade fee is 60% of the current product price as specified above.

We happily accept purchase orders from all over the world. For details, please click here.

Discounts based on the number of licenses purchased are available. Please note that the discounts are calculated on a per-product basis. The volume schedule is as follows:

Nbr. of Licenses Discount
2-5 3%
6-20 8%
21-50 15%
51+ 20%

Customers interested in higher volumes should contact to inquire on further discounts.

EventConsolidator - Monitor your Servers and Routers
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