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Interested how other customers think about Adiscon? Here are some voices:

Paul D. Mills from City of Vero Beach, USA about our products: "...great product! It is going to consolidate our "mess" of out network logs! I REALLY like the ability to have to drop the syslog entries into an Access database."

Scott Edersheim from Capital University Law School, USA on EventReporter and our support: "Not only is Event Reporter exactly what we needed but you can't beat the support. Version 4.1.1 works wonderfully. Thanks for all your help. We use it to track logon/logoffs."

Leonardo Augusto Matsuda from Vertex ISP, Brazil on our support  "...thanks for your support, like always fast..." and on SimpleMail: "Thanks  for this incredible and extremely SIMPLE product! Congratulations for your job."

Larry Brusatori from The Expo Group, USA on our support and SimpleMail "First off, I would like to say thank you on your superb customer service and immediate responses to my situation.  I will be sure to recommend your product to all who might need it."

Bob Rosenberg from Stanford University, USA on our support and SimpleMail "The program seems to really work well for me. At any rate, thank you again for being so prompt in getting back to me."

Check it out yourself - all of our products come with free trial versions easily downloadable!

EventConsolidator - Monitor your Servers and Routers
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