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Written 2005-08-03 by Rainer Gerhards.

Adiscon offers Linux-based solutions, too! While our software products since ca. 1997 were focussed on the Microsoft Windows platform, Adiscon and its staff has always been fluent with a number of Unices. Since 2004, Adiscon is rapidly moving solutions into the Linux area. Our MonitorWare product line already contains Linux-based members like rsyslog or phpLogCon, a portable, php-based web interface.

We at Adiscon have always believed in the sharing of information and algorithms. We know that we are highly depending on the community. For this, we always tried to contrinbute back as much as possible. If you search the Internet, you will find a wealth of free information originating from us - from newsgroup posts to free web sites to research papers. For obvious reasons, we need to fund our development, so we follow the typical business model for Windows application vendors. In this environment, we try to keep prices as modest as possible and seem to have succeeded with that. However, we also feel very much at home in the free open source world, where we hope to find sufficient funding under the typical support-based business model.

For the forseeable future, Adiscon will provide both commercial and open source applications. Many of these solutions will fit similar needs, just on different platforms. As a important key competency, we will extend our MonitorWare product line further into the Linux space. We are sure it will provide additional user benefit under Linux, too.

As of this writing, Adiscon supports the following open source projects:

Our commercial applications - like EventReporter and MonitorWare Agent - allow easy integration of Windows systems into a central Linux (and Unix) management structure. As such, they are also a vital part of our Linux strategy (though not an obvious one).

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