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New Versions of MonitorWare Line Products released. WinSyslog 14.2, MonitorWare Agent 11.2 and EventReporter 15.2 have been released. The major release adds full support for Windows 2012 R2 and is verified to work on Windows 10 preview versions. Additionaly, the core engine perfomance has been increased considerably and the new versions have a rewritten configuration client that now also allows to store the configuration to a file.

InterActive Syslog Viewer 1.2 is available as a standalone product now. It has been completely re-written and is now available without having to purchase WinSyslog or MonitorWare Agent. You can now directly view syslog messages without having to install one of the other applications. With update 1.2 it now supports IPv6. More information is available [here]

MonitorWare Console 3.1 released. The new version offers greatly enhanced reporting and a format-independed log reader. [more]

Did you know: Adiscon does Linux, too! Read Rainer Gerhards' notes on Adiscon's Linux involvement to get the full picture.

rsyslog has been released! It is an enhanced Syslog daemon for Linux. [Learn More]

Adiscon releases the world's first RFC 3195 compliant logging client for Windows! Beginning with MonitorWare Agent 1.3, standards-compliant reliable syslog has moved into the MonitorWare product line... [more...]

Adiscon products work with Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista! All products have been successfully tested on Windows Server 2008 as well as Windows Vista.

New support forums now online: please visit them at kb.monitorware.com.

New security ressources online: the Network Event Parsing Database, the Reference to Windows Security Objects and Values, and the Reference to configuring popular devices to send Syslog messages.

Interested in unlimited free updates and priority support? There is good news: Adiscon's UpgradeInsurance, available immediately. [more...]


Adiscon Products are Windows 2008 ready!

Linux @ Adiscon

We are committed to highest quality software and services. All of our products are customer driven.

Rainer Gerhards,
President, Adiscon

Are you a Windows Vista user? Then be sure to learn more about the Vista-specific Event Log Monitor! [more]

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