Purchase Orders

How to order via Purchase Order

Adiscon happily accepts purchase orders. Due to processing costs, we need to add a $20 processing fee for orders below $150. For customers in the EU, the processing fee is Euro 15 for orders below Euro 100. This is mainly to cover the banking fees involved with international wire transfer. Consequently, this fee does not apply to German orders because the wire is much less expensive in this case.

If you would like to place a purchase order, please do so via your normal procedures. Direct it to:

Adiscon GmbH
Mozartstr. 21     
(Street Number)
97950 Großrinderfeld
(ZIP City)

While submitting your order, please make sure it is printed on your corporate letterhead and bears an authorized signature.

Payment terms are 30 days net.

Please be sure to specify an email address with your order as all orders will be delivered via email.

Besides that, we only need to know which product and quantity you are ordering and if you are interested in UpgradeInsurance. Customers from inside the European Union should make sure they provide us their European VAT ID number. With that number, you are exempt from German VAT (19%) which we otherwise are required to charge (by German and European law). The VAT ID number is irrelevant for customers residing outside the European Community!

If you have any questions on the process, please contact us via the Customer Service System.

We are looking forward to your purchase order.

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