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MonitorWare line of products is a comprehensive suite of network monitoring tools. The involves monitoring event log, text files, database, serial port, remote text files, servers, ports, NT service, disk space, monitoring servers and routers and many more.

1. MonitorWare Agent:
It is the solution for those that are interested in centralizing their monitoring needs. In a single program, it provides all capabilities of WinSyslog and EventReporter plus many more.

2. EventReporter:
It is meant for those mainly interested in forwarding Windows Event Log data.

3. WinSyslog:
It is primarily targeted to those that are looking for a rock-solid Windows syslog server. It receives messages from all Syslog enabled devices like routers and printers.

4. RSyslog Windows Agent:
Rsyslog Windows Agent is a syslog provider. This means it can gather log messages from various sources (Eventlog, syslog or text files) and forward them to a central rsyslog server.

Feature sheet helps you to get an idea of products capabilities related to network monitoring.




MonitorWare Agent


RSyslog Windows Agent
Monitoring Services
Syslog Server
RFC 3195 compliant Syslog Server
SETP Server*, ***
SSL-enabled SETP Server
Event Log Monitor
Remote Event Log Monitor
(requires a license
for each remotely monitored system)
Text File Monitor
Remote Monitoring: Ping Probe
Remote Monitoring: Port Probe
NT Service Monitor
Disk Space Monitor
SNMP Trap Receiver*
RELP Listener
Database Monitor
Serial Port Monitor
CPU Monitor
NNTP Probe
FTP Probe
SMTP Probe
HTTP Probe
POP3 Probe
IMAP Probe
MonitorWare Echo Reply
MonitorWare Echo Request
Log File Writer
Database Writer
OLEDB Database Writer
HTTP Request
Compute Status Variable
Send SNMP Trap*, **
RELP Client
Event Log Writer
EMail Forwarder
Syslog Forwarder
RFC 3195 compliant Syslog Forwarder
SETP Forwarder***
SSL-enabled SETP Client****
External Program Starter
"NET SEND" Alerter
Event Property Modification
Event Status Modification
Call Another RuleSet
Sound Player
Communication Port Sender
Post-Process Event*, ***, **
Flexible Rule Engine
Multiple Conditions<!--(Event log specific Properties)-->
Unlimited Actions per Event<!--N/A-->
Unlimited Rules per Rule Set<!--N/A-->
Unlimited Rule Sets<!--N/A-->
Add-On Support
Includes InterActive SyslogViewer(via WinSyslog)
Includes LogZip
Includes Logger
Available Support & Service Packages
Free email support
Custom Development
(inludes email priority support)

* Enterprise edition only

** Professional edition only

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