Open Source

… now rules the world! Have a new webcam? Car? Fridge? It for sure will have some open source software in it. Even more so a data center.

rsyslog and more…

For many years, Adiscon contributes to open source development. Best known is our rsyslog project, which we started back in 2004 and has become one of the world’s most dominant logging implementation. We also contribute several libraries and other things that help make the logging world better.

corporate requirements

Law and industry regulations or best practices often require an organization to ensure someone is responsible for open source projects in use. This unfortunately can become a major stumbling stone. Not so with Adiscon’s support services. We not only know exactly what the logging tools are doing, we also provide support contracts that let you rest assured all is well. Legislation-wise. Technical. Our friendly staff will tell you how to make the best out of, e.g. rsyslog. The same staff, that on other occasions develops new features.


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