Innovative Products by Adiscon

Adiscon offers a range of system management, personal productivity and business applications. This web page provides a quick overview. For details, please follow the respective product links.

Adiscon’s MonitorWare line of products helps system administrators keep track of system activity and health. The modular MonitorWare system consists of MonitorWare Agent, WinSyslog, EventReporter and Rsyslog Windows Agent.

MonitorWare Agent is a solution for those who are interested in centralizing their monitoring needs. It provides all capabilities of WinSyslog and EventReporter plus many classic features of its own.

WinSyslog is an extremely reliable, robust, easy to use syslog server for Windows.

EventReporter provides centralized monitoring and reporting for Windows event log records.

The Rsyslog Windows Agent provides the possibility to consolidate logs from a Windows machine on a central Linux repository through rsyslog.

These products have support for useful add-ons like InterActive SyslogViewer, LogZip and Logger. For more information take a look at the product comparison.