Adiscon Mailing Lists

Adiscon provides the following mailing lists:

Note that the mailman homepage is disabled and redirects to this page here as we are not able to customize the mailman web interface to contain notices required by law, most importantly the privacy policy.

The links above takes you to the list info page, where you can subscribe and unsubscribe. Most other options are disabled and will return you to this page here.

The mailing lists will not archive posts. However, mails will be sent via our mail server, which will record your mail address when a mail is sent by you or to you. The mail server logs are automatically deleted after 7 days. We do not use “G Suite” for mailing list traffic. Note that several sites beyond our control archive postings. They do so simply be subscribing as a regular subscriber. We have not instructed them to archive traffic, nor do we know exactly who they are. But a google search indicates it happens. If you would like your postings not to be archived, please contact these sites or refrain from posting on the mailing lists.

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