LogZip – Archiving tool for Windows

Adiscon LogZip is a command line tool for Windows for zipping logfiles. It’s sole purpose is to pick up log files and put them into a zip file in a location that is specified. By running on the command line, it can be easily used with the Windows Tast Scheduler. That way you can automatically archive and store unneeded logfiles in a different location, only keeping the recent logfiles available for review.

LogZip is written in .NET, so please ensure, that you have the .NET framework from Microsoft installed. Else, the tool will not work.

Best of all, Adiscon LogZip is freeware!

Adiscon offers paid support as well as custom development for LogZip. These support options are especially useful for enterprises needing to have someone responsible available for fulfilling their auditing needs. If you would like to, you can also donate to the LogZip project. For information on support, custom development and donations, please contact Adiscon at Customer Service Portal.

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