Closed Source

Running on Windows? Since 1996, when we released the first-ever Windows syslog Server, Adiscon provides unique logging solutions on the Microsoft Platform.

right from the inventor…

In 1997, never seen before, we permitted organizations to integrate their Windows logs into a heterogeneous logging platform. With that, we invented the event log forwarding class of software. You couldn’t manage nowadays challenges without it.

Building on these innovations, we have created a best of broad set of solutions. Today in use by many large corporations and government institutions. Our cornerstone products MonitorWare Agent, WinSyslog, and EventReporter seemingly integrate into corporate environments, big and small. They enable smooth flow of system health, security and application log data.

Linux integration

Our Windows products are co-developed with our open source projects. This ensures best inter-operation. Of course, we also interface to other well-known open source projects. And of course with logging service providers.