Adiscon's Mission Statement

Serve a real user need with first-class, cost effective software and great support.

Fast Facts

Founded in 1988, Adiscon provides effective system management, personal productivity and business applications. Adiscon serves customers of all sizes, ranging from large, global enterprises to individuals. Being incorporated in Germany, Adiscon serves a world wide user basis. Products are available from Adiscon directly and from a global reseller channel.

Adiscon strongly believes in customer driven software. Customer suggestions are highly valued and provide the driving force behind Adiscon’s product development. New features almost always stem from user suggestions and comments.

Adiscon develops closed-source Windows applications as well as open-sourced Linux and Unix based solutions. Founder and president Rainer Gerhards participates in many research efforts and makes sure Adiscon is always on the leading edge of its technology segment.

Adiscon partners with Altair Technologies Ltd. of Canada, Ihara, Inc. of Japan and KLV GmbH of Germany. These partnerships ensure awareness of world-wide regional needs. The partner companies provide development and/or localization services to Adiscon. Core products and technologies are developed exclusively by Adiscon itself.

Our news section tells how our products have evolved.


Adiscon GmbH
Mozartstrasse 21
D-97950 Großrinderfeld

Phone +49 - 93 49 - 92 985 30


Adiscon is member of the Heilbronn Chamber of Commerce.

Legal Status

Adiscon is a privately held German corporation. Major shareholder and president is Rainer Gerhards. Adiscon has incorporated in 1997 as successor of "Rainer Gerhards Consulting & Solutions", a sole proprietorship founded in 1988.

Adiscon is incorporated under the federal ID of “HRB 560610” in Mannheim, BW, Germany. The European Union VAT ID (tax ID) is DE 81 22 04 622. Adiscon is an equal-opportunity employer. Adiscon is registered with the US IRS. Federal tax ID available upon request.

Special note to US customers: Adiscon strictly complies with all US export restrictions, even though they might not be in place in Germany.


Web Site: http://www.adiscon.com/en/
General Questions: info@adiscon.com
Product Support: support@adiscon.com
Press Relations: press@adiscon.com

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