Adiscon LogDeleter is a Database LogDeleter/Backup Tool for Windows.

LogDeleter is able to delete records in a database older then the specified days and it also can be used for backup the data first.
It works over ODBC database connection. You can use this cabability e.g. to run it via Scheduled Task once a week in order to backup/delete your old records. LogDeleter is part of Adiscon’s MonitorWare solution.

Best of all, LogDeleter is freeware!

There is also an FAQ available for LogDeleter: How to periodically purge the data from the database?

Adiscon offers paid support as well as custom development for LogDeleter. These support options are especially useful for enterprises needing to have someone responsible available for fulfilling their auditing needs. For information on support and custom development, please contact Adiscon at the  Customer Service System.

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