common uses

Event archival

If you have to create an archive of past events, this scenario is for you. The main focus here is storage of event data. Potentially, data is stored for a long time and eventually never being overwritten. It is also highly likely that data will be written to a read-only media like CD-R. Event archive […]


If you are interested in receiving a consolidated view of your overall system state and activity, you are probably interested in the analysis features of the MonitorWare system. Please note that this chapter is currently being expanded. As such, the examples and uses given herein do only reflect some of the things that can be […]

Relaying Events

Article created by Rainer Gerhards. In all but the easiest scenarios event data needs to be relayed between different machines. Please note that relaying is also often referred to as “forwarding” – both terms have the same meaning in the context of this documentation. A typical relay scenario might look like follows: Here, devices send […]

Solving Problems

Article created by Rainer Gerhards. Solving problems is closely related to alerting. As with alerting, actions are to be executed if a trigger condition exists. With problem-solving, these are actual corrective actions. Samples are deleting temporary files when disk space goes low or blocking an external IP address in a firewall in case an attack […]


Article created by Rainer Gerhards. In this scenario, the primary concern is to receive alerts if specific events happen. Of course, alerting is often used together with other scenarios as alerting alone does not provide in-depth analysis or storage of the captured events. Alerts can be generated by every running instance of MonitorWare Agent. As […]

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