The EventReporter Service 7.0

The service operates in the background while your computer is running. The EventReporter 7.0 is installed as a system service during setup. It typically runs on each machine being monitored. However, some machines can also be dedicated to run it for housekeeping functions (for example log consolidation). The EventReporter 7.0 can be “engine only” installed. […]


A reliable IP transport protocol. TCP communication ensures that no packets are lost in transit. As such, it is most useful in low-bandwidth or unreliable environments. Examples are slow WANs or packet radio networks.


The IETF is an important Internet standards body. IETF is a short name for “Internet Engineering Task Force”. The IETF is responsible for the creation of RFCs. Unlike other, formal standards bodies it is loosely organized. There is no specific membership to the IETF, anyone (knowledgable) can become an IETF member just by paritcipating on […]


SETP is the “Simple Event Transfer Protocol” SETP allows reliable delivery of events between SETP supporting systems. SETP was developed for MonitorWare Agent basically and now it is added in the EventReporter 6.2 Professional version and WinSyslog Enterprise Edition as well.WinSyslog works as SETP client, only. It can forward only SETP messages. Whereas the WinSyslog […]

RFC 3195

RFC 3195 is a relatively new IETF standard. It specifies how syslog messages can reliably be transmitted via a TCP connection. RFC 3195 optionally allows for message encryption and authentication of sender and reciver. Adiscon’s MonitorWare line of products implement the core RFC 3195 protocol (actually, Adiscon was the first one to do this on […]


UTC is the so-called “universal coordinated time”. UTC was formerly referred to as “GMT” (Greenwich Mean Time) and is the basis of the international time zone system. For example, New York, USA is 5 hours behind UTC. So if it is 12 noon in New York, the UTC time is 5pm. The MonitorWare line of […]


A non-reliable IP transport protocol. It provides best effort delivery. Typically, in LAN environments UDP packets are never lost. However, in WAN scenarios or with heavily loaded LANs, UDP packets might be lost.

Syslog Facility

Syslog Facility is one information field associated with a syslog message. It is defined by the syslog protocol. It is meant to provide a very rough clue from what part of a system the message originated from. Tradidionally, under UNIX, there are facilities like KERN (the OS kernel itself), LPD (the line printer daemon) and […]


The “Simple Mail Transfer Protocol”. This is an Internet standard for sending email messages. Virtually all major email systems are either based on SMTP or at least offer gateways to SMTP capable systems. SMTP is used for sending email. It can not be used to pick up email messages. For this purpose, protocols like POP3 […]

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