EventReporter 18.5 Released

Adiscon is pleased to announce the release of EventReporter 18.5. This update brings robustness and efficiency to the forefront. Key improvements include an upgrade to librelp version 1.11.0 and a resolution of various issues affecting file handling and network stability. Detailed information can be found in the version history. Version 18.5 is a free download. […]

EventReporter 18.4 Released

Adiscon is proud to announce the 18.4 release of EventReporter. We’ve dedicated this release to enhancing both security and performance, reinforcing our commitment to providing a high-standard product. We’ve made crucial updates to the Syslog Action to bolster reliability. A rare issue which caused attempts to simultaneously open TCP connections to the same target multiple […]

EventReporter 18.3 Released

Adiscon is proud to announce the 18.3 release of EventReporter. This is a maintenance release with minor bugfixes. Most important, the libraries OpenSSL and librelp have been updated to the latest available versions to maintain the highest level of security. The engine stability has been further improved by fixing minor issues. Detailed information can be […]

EventReporter 18.0 Released

Adiscon is proud to announce the 18.0 release of EventReporter. On the output side we have added dedicated action queues to all potentially blocking actions. This provides higher performance as well as buffering capabilities in case the action is unreachable or blocks for some other reason. We also added native support for LogPoint SIEM JSON […]

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