Configure DNS for Internet-Access

Created 2001-04-01 Rainer Gerhards.  If a Windows 2000 server with Active Directory is installed using the standard setup, often no DNS resolution for Internet addresses will fail. This ultimately results in lost Internet connectivity. The reason are some defaults in the Active Directory wizards. Background Active Directory absolutely needs a working DNS to function correctly […]

Active Directory and DNS

Created by Rainer Gerhards. Updated by  Rainer Gerhards. Microsoft’s Active Directory relies heavily on DNS. DNS is used to find important resources like domain controllers. Because these in turn are needed to authenticate users. Windows will not work properly without a correctly configured DNS. Unfortunately, Microsoft has decided to use very new standards in it’s […]

Why Unicode?

Article created 2001-03-12 by Rainer Gerhards. Unicode is a standard to encode all of the world’s languages correctly on computers. In this article, Rainer Gerhards explains what Unicode is and why Adiscon bases all of its products on the Unicode standard. What is Unicode? It is an international standard. Its goal is to resolve ambiguities […]

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