rsyslog 8.2110.0 released

Today, we release rsyslog 8.2110.0.  This release mostly consists of bugfixes. Still, some enhancements are included as well, i.e. imhttp enhancements that allow parameter ingestion and basic auth support, as well as extended output when using openssl to improve diagnosis of connection failues. Notable fixes included are for config, rsscript, ksi, tcpsrv and core components. […]

rsyslog 8.2108.0 released

Today, we release rsyslog 8.2108.0.  This release again provides a big number of new functions and fixes. Notably, the action specific TLS certificate setting in omfwd needs to be mentioned. The counterpart has been added to imtcp, now allowing to set specific TLS certificates to multiple inputs. Also, impstats is now capable of tracking percentile […]

RSyslog Windows Agent 7.1 Released

Adiscon is proud to announce the 7.1 release of Rsyslog Windows Agent. This is a maintenance release with minor new features and bugfixes. Most important, we have added support for EventLog debug and analytic Channels in EventLog Monitor V2. Although it is possible to export a second Messageformat to a custom property. The File Monitor […]

rsyslog 8.2104.0 released

Today, we release rsyslog 8.2104.0. This release provides a new additions and several importan additions. Notable fixes and additions are: new contributed module imhiredis new built-in function get_property(). Provides ability to evaluate a rsyslog variable using dynamically evaluated parameters. new contributed function module fmunflatten mmdblookup: add support for mmdb DB reload on HUP Please make […]

RSyslog Windows Agent 7.0 Released

We are proud to announce the 7.0 release of Rsyslog Windows Agent. On the output side we have added dedicated action queues to all potentially blocking actions. This provides higher performance as well as buffering capabilities in case the action is unreachable or blocks for some other reason. We also added native support for LogPoint […]

rsyslog 8.2102.0 released

Today, we release rsyslog 8.2102.0. This release provides mostly bugfixes for rsyslog and a few minor additions. Notable fixes and additions are: several fixes to omfwd, including improved error reporting and a potential segfault several fixes for action stats several fixes for the testbench, mostly for kafka tests Please make sure to read the changelog […]

libfastjson 0.99.9 released

Libfastjson is a new fork of the json-c library, which is optimized for liblognorm processing. This release provides several changes to libfastjson. Most importantly are the added API objects for fjson_object_get_uint() and fjson_object_array_del_idx(). Also included is a bugfix for a dangling pointer that causes a segfault. For more details, please refer to the changelog below. […]

rsyslog 8.2012.0 released

Today, we release rsyslog 8.2012.0. This release provides a few additions and fixes for rsyslog. Notable fixes and additions are: immark rewrite with many improvements like support for rulesets, templates, using the syslog API, custom mark message new rate limit option im omfwd added new system property $now-unixtimestamp fixes for the testbench, error messages, a […]

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