New 8.4 stable is ready

A new rsyslog v8-stable has been released. It is not just the next iteration of 8.2, instead it will be a new feature release based on the latest 8.3 devel. So please welcome 8.4.

Frequent followers may wonder why 8.4 is ready. Originally, we planned to release it after the summer break. The reason is simple: its ready to come up, albeit with a little less functionality than originally anticipated. Since we were primarily doing maintenance and bug fixing on v8-devel the past couple of weeks, just as it normally happens before a new stable branch comes up. So the code has matured and we decided it was ready to be released as stable. We released 8.4.0 a week ago, and it inherits all the enhancements and fixes of rsyslog 8.3. We hope rsyslog 8.4 fulfils your expectations and provides a flawless logging experience.