RSyslog Windows Agent 5.0 Released

Adiscon is proud to announce the 5.0 release of Rsyslog Windows Agent.

Rsyslog Windows Agent fully supports latest Windows 2016 and Windows 10 Creators update build 1709.

New load balancing capabilities have been added. This permits to balance load between multiple target syslog servers.

The product now supports log normalization capabilities via a sophisticated high performance normalizer. This enables it to handle complex processing right at the message source.

Performance has been slightly optimized and some minor features have been added. Full details are available via the version history.

Version 5.0 is a free download. Customers with existing 4.x keys can contact our Sales department for upgrade prices. If you have a valid Upgrade Insurance ID, you can request a free new key by sending your Upgrade Insurance ID to Please note that the download enables the free 30-day trial version if used without a key – so you can right now go ahead and evaluate it.

RSyslog Windows Agent 5.0 Released
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