Monitoring Windows

Article created by Rainer Gerhards Article last updated by Florian Riedl Monitoring Windows is important even for small environments. Automatically monitored, critical failures can often be avoided. But how to monitor a system without too much effort? The basic idea behind a successful monitoring and alerting system is to centralize all system events at a […]

Parsing log messages

Created by Michael Meckelein. This article describes how to parse log message via “Post-Process”. It illustrates the logic behind Post-Process action. Get relevant information from logs Log files contain a lot of information. In most cases only a small part of the log message is of actual interest. Extracting relevant information is often difficulty. Due […]

Why care about disk free space?

By Rainer Gerhards The obvious answer is that low free space means upcoming problems, like the inability to receive mail (for mail servers) or the inability to store new files (for file servers). There are numerous obvious reasons why free space is an operations management priority. But there are also less obvious reasons: disk space […]

Performance Optimizing Syslog Server

Do you want to receive syslog in a Windows environment? Take a look at WinSyslog! Receive, process and store your syslog data from routers, firewalls or linux/unix servers with this easy to configure application in your Windows environment. Troubleshoot network problems or be alerted, all quickly and easily. Take a Quick Tour to WinSyslog to […]

Rule Engine

Created by Wajih-ur-Rehman. Overview This paper explains you the Rule Engine that is employed in some of the MonitorWare Line of Products namely MonitorWare Agent, WinSyslog and Event Reporter 6.0 (and higher) What is Rule Engine Rule Engine is actually an engine present in the above mentioned MonitorWare Line of Products using which you can […]

IIS Workflow Described

By Rainer Gerhards Abstract This paper describes the IIS workflow (aka “order of operations”) as far as the author thinks it is. I have tried hard to make the information as complete and accurate as possible, but obviously it might be wrong as I haven’t coded IIS. All information in this paper is taken from […]

The ISAPI execution environment

Important Preface! This document bases on information and testing done with IIS 1.0. We have not re-tried it with later versions. However, we feel very comfortable with the information contained herein and think that it still is correct. There is just one exception: if you create an application in MMC under IIS 4.0, your ISAPI […]

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