rsyslog 8.2404.0 released

We are happy to announce the release of rsyslog version 8.2404.0! This release focuses on improvements to the popular omhttp plugin and includes several bug fixes to ensure smooth operation. The omhttp plugin, which allows you to send logs to HTTP endpoints, receives a significant boost in functionality. New configuration parameters provide greater control over […]

rsyslog 8.2402.0 released

We are happy to announce the release of rsyslog version 8.2402.0! This release brings several improvements and bug fixes, including: Enhanced Security: This release introduces the initial implementation of imdtls and omdtls modules, enabling secure message exchange over UDP using the DTLS protocol. This significantly bolsters the security of your logging infrastructure. Improved Test Reliability: […]

rsyslog 8.2312.0 released

Today, we release rsyslog 8.2312.0.  This release consists of a number of bugfixes for and additions to different modules and parts of rsyslog. Changes were mostly made in the module imjournal, omlibdbi, omazureeventhubs, imkmsg and more. It is now possible to use multiple inputs with imjournal or new parameters for imkmsg to alter the readmode and […]

RSyslog Windows Agent 7.4 Released

Adiscon is proud to announce the 7.4 release of Rsyslog Windows Agent. This latest release delivers enhanced stability and improved error handling, reflecting our commitment to offering our customers the most secure and efficient solutions. Key updates include vital improvements to our Syslog Action functionality. Our engineers have resolved a rare situation where an Action […]

MonitorWare Agent 14.4 released

Adiscon is proud to announce the 14.4 release of MonitorWare Agent. In this recent update, a significant enhancement has been made to the Syslog Action. It now robustly prevents concurrent TCP connection establishment retries in the rare case of an action attempting to open multiple connections to the same target simultaneously. Additionally, we’ve improved error […]

WinSyslog 17.4 Released

Adiscon is proud to announce the 17.4 release of WinSyslog. This advanced update focuses on providing reinforced stability and enhanced error-handling capabilities to our valued users. One of the prominent updates includes fortifying the Syslog Action, which had a very rare chance of attempting to initiate multiple TCP connections to the same target simultaneously. Our […]

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