Help select a logo…

We need a new, a real logo. We have some candidates. Note that  logo 1 was originally contributed in 2014 by “robert s” (whom I no longer able to contact…). Unfortunately, we did never officially adopt it, primarily due to failure on my part. Nevertheless it got pretty popular on the Internet and is often associated with rsyslog.

Please let us know what you like by leaving either a comment here or posting to the mailing list. Alternatively, you can also cast your ballot via this online vote form.

We are of course open for any additional suggestions. We are also not upset if you let us know that we are not great logo designers – we know we are not 😉

In order to avoid past errors, I ask anyone to provide feedback within one week, so we will draw a “winner” by Feb, 8th 2018. To help facilitate the decision I will experimentally put logo 1 into some places tomorrow if there is no strong objection in doing so.

If  you want to have a look at our old old ugly logo have a look at e.g.

My personal 2cts: I as rsyslog maintainer (@rgerhards) have to admit that I have a strong preference for either logo 1 or logo 2.  Pro-logo 1 speaks IMHO that it is already associated with rsyslog. Together with its stylish simplicity, this makes it an excellent choice. I also need to say that I am a bit skeptic in regard to logo 6, simply because it breaks “r” and “syslog”.

Help select a logo…
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