New Customer Service System Well-Received

The new customer service system is active now for over a week. The overall reception inside the user base is very well. Customers especially like the new mobile device mode and better HTML email integration.

We continue to monitor and improve the customer experience. One thing we noticed was the the availability of the previous system caused some confusion, especially for customers who routinely logged on via the web. After careful evaluation we have decided to switch the previous system to read-only mode. This will be done today (February 18th).

Current Ticket System

Read-Only mode permits users to interact with existing tickets. It works as known previously, but it will no longer permit you to add new replies or create new tickets. This needs to be done via the new system. Read-only mode is a great transition tool that permits customers to enjoy the new benefits but also have access to a full copy of recent conversation.

Keeping the old system active, however, means that we need to need to maintain it for system and security updates. We intent to provide the read only copy for the next six month and will potentially decommission the system after that period. Of course, before we do so we will evaluate if users still accessed it.

Important reminder: User accounts were not carried over from the previous to the new system. So if you want to register to the system (now optional), you need to do so anew.

New Customer Service System Well-Received
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