New Customer Service System Activated

The new customer service system has been activated today. The majority of users use email to access the ticket system. For these users, the new system is now the default. This also applies to responses to messages sent from the previous system.

That means when you reply by email, your message will be directed to the new system which then creates a new issue for the request. Of course, existing information can be accessed via the old system. This will remain active for a while. Users will notice different style of email responses and those that log in via the web will of course notice that everything looks fresh and new.

The new system does not require user accounts. However, if you would like to keep a permanent account on the system, you need to sign up. Note that we did not migrate account information from the old system so that it is your choice if you want to create an account or not.

Security advise: the new system is available at with https encryption via a valid certificate. Please be careful if the URL is different or the certificate does not validate correctly by default. In this case, you can contact Rainer Gerhards at

We will also monitor ticket system performance and may do some more tweaks based on that monitoring.


New Customer Service System Activated
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