librelp 1.2.17 released

librelp 1.2.17 [download

This new release of librelp provides support for openssl when using relp connections with tls enabled. You can now choose between openssl and gnutls.

Furthermore, this release has a few bugfixes and improvements of code quality and error output.

For more details, please take a look at the changelog below.


Version 1.2.17 – 2018-08-02
– added support for openssl
now, at configure time, openssl (–enable-tls-openssl) or gnutls
(–enable-tls) can be enabled. Openssl is recommended as it permits
better error messages and has more robust certificate handling,
but the default remains gnutls so that packagers do not need to
change without specific need.
Note: if openssl is selected, setting the gnutls priority string
does not have any effect. This will be worked on in later releases.
– improve code quality: replace strerror() by portable equivalent
– improve error message on connection failure
it now contains the OS-provided error message
Thanks to Justin Azoff for the patch.
– bugfix: 100% CPU utilization due to busy loop
happend because EAGAIN was not properly handled
Thanks to Lex Neva for the patch.
– bugfix: do not expose symbols that are not part of public API
Some other symbols were exported. Now only symbols starting with
“relp” are exported.
Thanks to Michael Biebl for the patch.
– bugfix: potential segfault when listener could not be bound
This was fixed as a side-effect of refactoring some static analyzer
warnings, exact commit is not flagged.
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sha256sum: 1bf88b9decdbcaf06454ea1362455aa5ceccbcce282f07a4dc95e6911da4cbf0
librelp 1.2.17 released
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