rsyslog 8.2304.0 released

Today, we release rsyslog 8.2304.0. 

This release consists of a small number of changes, but important ones. I.e. imptcp received a bugfix to prevent it from spamming the local log with error messages for EACH oversize character. Also included is a bugfix for an issue when using $uuid property which can cause a deadlock of rsyslog on shutdown. And finally a permission issue was solved where privdrop functions did not entirely drop capabilities if rsyslog was built with certain build options.

Also, this release includes an updated version of libfastjson, which has now changed to the same versioning scheme as rsyslog.

Please make sure to read the changelog to get more details about the additions and an overview of all changes.


As always, feedback is appreciated.

rsyslog 8.2304.0 released
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