rsyslog 8.2306.0 released

Today, we release rsyslog 8.2306.0. 

This release consists of a number of bugfixes for different modules and parts of rsyslog as well as a few additions.

The fixes include changes to imfile for a file handle leak and GnuTLS for a memory leak mmnormalize for when a parser chain is stopped because a parser is unable to parse a message.

New functionality was added to [i/o]mhiredis for support of a new stream mode, imjournal to add the FileCreateMode parameter and a new global config option libcapng.default which defines how rsyslog should behave when capabilities were to be dropped.

Please make sure to read the changelog to get more details about the additions and an overview of all changes.


As always, feedback is appreciated.

rsyslog 8.2306.0 released
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