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How to setup EventReporter to view Windows Eventlogs in Adiscon LogAnalyzer

Article created by Andre Lorbach. This article will help you to setup an environment to log and store Windows Events at a central place using EventReporter, and view and search them using Adiscon LogAnalyzer. You can download a preconfigured configuration from this link and import that into your own system. The configuration sample contains comments for […]

How To setup Windows centralized Monitoring

Article created by Florian Riedl Article last updated by Pascal Withopf Please Note: This article is valid for EventReporter, WinSyslog and MonitorWare Agent! Windows systems monitoring is really important for all small to large sized environments. The MonitorWare line of products helps to accomplish this important task. This article is to help you establish a […]

How to store custom properties of a log message in a database

Created by Timm Herget This step-by-step guide describes a scenario where WinSyslog receives syslog data from a Fortigate firewall, parses the messages via post processing action and writes the custom parsed properties into a database. Step 1 – Creating the Syslog Server First, please create the syslog server service by right clicking on “Services” and […]

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