librelp 1.10.0 released

librelp 1.10.0 [download]

This new release of librelp is mostly for fixing a bug in the TLS handling and adds support for using semicolon (;) as tlscommand separator.

For more details, please take a look at the changelog below.


Version 1.10.0 – 2021-02-16
– TLS handling bugfix
When the client tried to conntect to the server, custom
cipherstrings (Set by tlscommands feature) were not used. This
could lead to the negotiation of different and potentially weaker
ciphers. Other custom tlscommands settings like Protocol where not
affected. We do not overwrite the custom ciphers anymore if they are
set by tlscommands. Another problem only related to the relp
receiver (server) was, that the custom tlscommands/priority string
where not applied on the accepted client connections. This could
lead to the same problem as the default ciphers were used.
Besides the main problem, the following changes were applied:
– Add new testcase for setting custom tls ciphers in tlscommand.
– Add support to use semicolon (;) as tlscommand seperator (See new testcase)
– Fix GCC9 “destination size” warning in offers.c

sha256sum: 148db4e4d1a23e8136e9ec08810929a55faf5d45e24c2e3186d5ab34355dab31
librelp 1.10.0 released
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