librelp 1.7.0 released

librelp 1.7.0 [download]

This new release of librelp is mostly for bugfixing. Most importantly, in this version a major memory leak was fixed as well as a FD leak. Also, chained certificate files for openssl were fixed.

Please also read this article for more information about this release:

For more details, please take a look at the changelog below.


Version 1.7.0 – 2020-08-25
– some internal cleanup (const attributes and such)
– bugfix: library did export non-API symbols
– openssl: Fix chained certificate files for older OpenSSL Version.
For older OpenSSL Versions, we are loading the Own Certfile
(Which can be chained) into CTX Verify locations. This enables
chained certificates for older OpenSSL Versions as well
devtools: updated (based on rsyslog version)
see also:
– fix FD leak when socket shutdown is one-sided
AWS LB has timeouts when connection is inactive and when this
happens, AWS LB shuts down socket from one-side only. When rsyslog
detects one-sided shutdown, it assumes that connection is closed
while it isn’t. The connection is left unclosed and unclosed FD
are piling up, eventually filling up FD number space.
Thanks to Ognyan Kulev for the patch.
– TLS: Added call to destruct OpenSSL remains to relpEngineDestruct
For a clean cleanup, OpenSSL remains are now being removed at the end
of relpEngineDestruct()
– fix memory leak on session break
When librelp session breaks unexpected, a memory leak could happen in sendq.c
when relpSendqeConstruct was called before the session break happened.
– Also Adds a new valgrind test to reproduce
the problem. without the fix, the test will fail.
– Adjusted testbench plumbing to support session break valgrind test.


sha256sum: 577ddc4dd8e956ce1e0b57b7bbf0ba235bbdb74bac78a9a0082d2933e9014184
librelp 1.7.0 released
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